The Joy of Being Broke
The Joy of Being Broke

Maybe you're someone who is already broke. Maybe you're just sick and tired of being wealthy and you're ready to try something else for a change, like poverty. Whatever your circumstances, we know this book is for you.

Written by Ben Goode

96 pages
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Exerpt from Chapter 1 of "The Joy of Being Broke"

"For all of human existence it’s been the rich and powerful who are often also mean and nasty, along with the obnoxious, aggressive and pushy who always get to call the shots. This is not fair. There are lots more poor, incompetent, wimpy, self-defecating, nice people being walked on than there are rich, obnoxious bullies who brazenly use the rest of us as their personal economic jogging track. Since when do we let a small, vocal, obnoxious, misguided minority impose its will and values on us?

OK. That was a stupid question. Of course I realize that my thesis sentence in the above paragraph was, in essence, that the rich and powerful always get to call the shots. Sorry. Of course I am aware that the majority of us spend pretty much our entire lives allowing an irritating minority to impose its will on us. I am a journalist. Of course I know that a clique of self- appointed social bullies decides that we have to pay $200.00 for sun glasses, show our underwear over the tops of our pants, get tattooed, and be embarrassed to be patriotic or religious. Yes, I have been clued in that a small, militant, angry group of food Nazis is, without our permission, switching our diets from yummy steaks, potato chips, and bacon and eggs to tofu and Brussels sprouts. Sorry for bringing up such a painful subject, but my point is it’s time to take back the planet for the unfortunate, the incompetent, the fearful, the indolent and dense, the shortsighted, the whiners, and the pathetic. There are many more of us than there are people who are rich and competent. If we common folk stick together, I’ll bet there’s nothing they can do about it, at least the sticking together part. We have pitch- forks and torches. Let’s take back the world for the lazy and incompetent. We can do it! The French pulled this off a couple of centuries ago and look how cool they’ve become."

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